Gilbert Kemp Attrill ‘The Golden Mask’

Sunday 28th May, 2017

‘The Golden Mask’ reimagines the genre of uncanny horror film. Elliptical and ambiguous narrative sets the scene for an unspoken ritual with outcome unknown. This debut screening of the film was followed by a second, accompanied by a live score composed and performed by Shoshana Rosenberg, alluding to ceremony and ritual.

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Gilbert Kemp Attrill is an emerging Adelaide-based filmmaker. Their work includes Meteor, a short film which premiered at the Feast Festival in 2015 and recently had its television premiere on ABC2; Labyrinth, a video installation using Google Cube technology and supported by the Fringe Festival (created with Claire Marsh); In the Garden, a 360° video work displayed on a VR headset was exhibited at Sister Gallery in 2017; and the forthcoming  short film, The Golden Mask, based on a short story by Arthur Machen.

Carla Adams ‘Two Parallel Pieces of Glass’

Friday 9th December, 2016

For her new participatory work ‘Two Parallel Pieces of Glass’ Carla Adams invited audiences to sit in close proximity to her as she attempted to engage them in an awkwardly playful act of “cyber sex”. By constructing circumstances of physical as well as digital proximity, this work challenged the (perceived) passive role of feminine internet users, particularly in relation to intimate online encounters.

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Carla Adams (b.1984, Perth) is an early career West Australian artist working with paint and textiles. After graduating with an advanced diploma in contemporary art from Central TAFE in 2012, Adams went on to receive first class honours from Curtin University in 2014.

Adams has exhibited at Free Range Gallery, MOANA, Bus Projects (Melb), FELTSpace (Adelaide), ARTBAR at The Museum of Contemporary Art (Sydney) and her work was selected for the 2013 Hatched national graduate exhibition at PICA. In 2017 she will exhibit at Turner Gallery and Blindside (Melbourne).

Adams is a sessional academic at Curtin University and is director of Smart Casual gallery.

Dan Thorpe ‘A20’

Tuesday 29th November, 2016

Featuring an exchange between video and live performance, endurance piece for solo pianist ‘A20’ is a meditation on the flatness of Adelaide’s outer-northern suburbs; on summer-baked yellow grass; on places to be passed by rather than arrived-at; on the patience and respect that allow for the complexities of relationships to reach an equilibrium.

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Dan Thorpe is a Performer/Composer based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Influenced by everything from queer punk to American experimentalism, Dan Thorpe’s music “decimat[es] the boundaries of genre” [CutCommon, 2016]. His broad base of musical experience is reflected in a curious, experimental and genre defying compositional and performance output linked together by a love of storytelling and sense of irreverence for existing forms. As a composer, his work always has a focus on collaborative, open approaches to composition that stress the importance of performers’ creative input in musical expression. As a performer, his focus is on contemporary Australian repertoire, work by queer and women composers, and multi-instrumental improvisation.